Investment in Jordan

Investment environment in Jordan 

Jordan is recognized for its attractive investment ecosystem that provides investors with the right tools for success, this ecosystem is bolstered by a stable political and economic climate and boasts a modern regulatory infrastructure in line with the latest global market trends and practices.

The investors in Jordan enjoy the following benefits:


  • Unique and strategic location As well as secure and attractive economic political and judicial environment under the dedicated and stable leadership of the Hashemite monarchy
  • Access to major international markets with a consumer base of over 1 billion people through Jordan’s free-trade agreements (especially with united states of America and the European union)and membership of the world trade organization
  • Qualified and competent Human resources Jordanian manpower is considered one of the most competent competitive and productive in the region
  • stable political environment with controlled macroeconomic tools
  • Granting the private sector the chance to play a major part in the country’s economic activity and development.
  • Advanced infrastructure of airport, ports and road networks with the intention of creating a railroad network that connects Jordan to its neighboring countries.
  • developed and modern investment legislation
  • Advanced finance and banking sector.


Key features of the investment law

  • Customs and sales tax exemptions for fixed assets used for production
  • A5% income tax on the institutes generated income within the development zone including industrial projects.
  • Total sales tax exemption on product and services acquired by the registered institution to operate within the development zone 

Investment window

The new Investment window was established to provide a central location to serve investors it is staffed by authorized representatives from all entities involved in issuing licenses and permits. 


  • Building trust in the investment environment.
  • Providing a central location for serving investors.
  • Following up on current projects and solving any obstacles, if encountered.
  • Reducing the time needed to license and register investment projects and determining  all required procedures the investor should be handling beforehand 


  • Handling all investment projects procedures from the pre-licensing and registration phase to collecting required approvals. 
  • Licensing and registering investment projects.
  • Registering the investment projects economic activities according the rules and regulations of the Jordanian companies law 
  • Labor affairs services including granting work permits and approvals for recruiting non-Jordanian workers to perform the investment projects economic activities.
  • Granting entry and residency visas for investors and workers of the investment project.
  • Granting environmental approvals for the projects economic activities.
  • Providing investors with information and technical consultancy related to the projects economic activities.
  • Establishment and registration
  • Sectoral licensing
  • Building licensing and occupancy permits
  • Vocational licensing

Foreign investment in Jordan

  • Foreign investment enjoy incentives and benefits provided under the investment law including exemption from payment of custom duties general sales tax and in some cases reduction on income tax
  • No restrictions on percentage of foreign ownership except in a limited number of economic activities where a Jordanian partner is required 50.000 JDS minimum capital requirement for  Foreign investment
  • minimum capital requirement for  Foreign investment is  50.000 JDS except for shares purchased in public shareholding companies 
  • Investment in the development zones and the free zones can be wholly owned by foreign investors.
  • Foreign investors enjoy privileges and guarantees including national treatment free movement of capital protection against expropriation and the option to resort alternative dispute settlement mechanism.
  • Foreign investment enjoys facilitated registration and licensing services provided by the investment window. In addition to support in obtaining visas and residency permits for the investor his/her family and project employees as well as other services.